We are providing interactive and simple place for pedagogical and learning activity.

Interactive Technologies

We are providing today's technology like Machine learning, Augmented and virtual reality blended with hardware to provide real time and interactive teaching learning process.


We seek every for creative solutions that provide for the India and the World, educational resources of high technology and low investment costs. Our mission is to popularize the advanced technology for education and human formation, collaborating to equal opportunities in the creation of a more fair world.


- Army Institute of Technology, only engineering college in west Maharashtra for army wards.


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Is inclusive quality education Interactive?

(Revised and Updated for 2016)

Reserach has shown this results.

Research and development

We at AVE and Army instutute of technology that invests part of our operational income in the development of new technologies and products of hardware and software.

AVE is a specialist in the use of advanced technologies such as:
Computer vision
Augmented reality
Artificial intelligence
Embedded electronics
Educational games
Use of features of visual immersion
Reading body movements by computer vision
Virtual simulators.

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Upcoming Workshop

We are trying to change the way of teaching-learning throgh our reserach and same is parulated to society through workshop.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Psychology of students

Way of contributions for child

Meet Our Contributors

Number of peoples in fact all of us are contributing to this idea. Some hidden role models are worth to mention

Brig Abhay A Bhat


Backbone of AVE Learning.

Dr B P Patil


Supporting and innovating new way of learning.

Dr S R Dhore


Always belive on exploring new ideas and new ways for this evergrowing and challenging world.

Praveen Hore


Introduced the AVE Learning for all.

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Our satisfied users and customers is the key,

"Very interactive way of teaching...."

Kids Planet - Creative Dırector

"Student love this interactive and affordable way"

Wonderland School - Head

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We have very affordable plans,
for students, teachers and schools.

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AVE Learning(e-cell), Army Institute of Technology, Dighi Hills, Pune-411015. Contact No: 9890704429. ave.ppbooks@gmail.com
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